FUZZ-IEEE 2019: Paper Submission

Important deadlines:

January 25, 2019Paper submission deadline
March 4, 2019Author notification of acceptance or rejection
April 8, 2019Deadline for receipt of final manuscript

Please read all of the instructions on this page, fill in all of the appropriate fields and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page when finished. Note that an asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

After you submit your Paper, if the submission is successful, you will see a confirmation page with an assigned submission number. The submission is NOT complete until you see this confirmation page with the assigned number.

If there is an error in your submission, the problem will be shown in RED letters at the location of the problem. You will then need to correct the error and RELOAD your PDF file, then press submit again. The submission process is not complete until you see the confirmation page with the assigned number. If you try repeatedly and do not receive an assigned number, you should try updating your web browser or switching to a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer rather than Firefox, or vice versa).

If you did not receive an assigned number, you should attempt the submission process again.

Once you successfully obtain the confirmation page, you should also receive an e-mail confirmation of your submission. If you do not receive an e-mail notification within 24 hours, please contact Alina Zare and Derek Anderson <programfuzzieee2019@gmail.com> WITH your assigned number. Be sure to put "FUZZ-IEEE 2019" in the subject line of your e-mail message.

When filling out the form please use capital and lowercase letters. Please do not use capital letters only. For the title use the following style: Noise Performance of Classical Current Mirrors.

Paper Title*:


Affiliation is the name of university, company or institution, e.g., "International University" or "IC Design Company." Please do not enter street address or phone numbers and do not use only capital letters in any of the text fields.

Please enter author names in the exact order in which they will appear in the final paper. If you do not follow the style, your paper will either be rejected or not indexed correctly.

Please enter a single valid and working email address for each of the authors and double check the spelling since that is the only way we can reach you.

Last (family) nameFirst (given) nameEmailAffiliationCountry

If you need space for more than 5 authors please click the following button: 


WARNING: We can only accept PDF files. The maximum number of pages is six (6) and maximum file size is 8MB. Up to two additional pages will be permitted for a charge of USD 125 per additional page payable at the registration time. Illustrations and references are included in the page count. You are responsible for ensuring that your submission is in valid format and that it will be readable and printable. Please double check your file before submitting it.

PDF file to upload*:


Please use only Latin/English alphabet for your abstract, i.e., do not use accents, umlauts or other special characters. Length of abstract has to be between 200 and 1750 characters. Do not use words "Abstract" or "Summary" to begin your text.

Abstract (200-1750 characters, ASCII text only)*:


Preferred form of presentation*:  Oral  Poster


If you are submitting to the general conference, please select the most appropriate main research topic. Up to two additional topics can be selected, if needed. Make sure to carefully read through and consider all categories. DO NOT select any of the topics from the "SS. SPECIAL SESSIONS" category.

If you are submitting to one of the special sessions, you have to select a single topic from the "SS. SPECIAL SESSIONS" category as the main research topic.

Main research topic*:
Additional research topics:


Select Papers at FUZZ-IEEE 2019 will be considered, when applicable, for Best Student Paper Award. Papers considered for this Award must be written by students. Coauthors are allowed, but a student must be the first author, must present the Paper at the conference, and must pay the full-fee (not student) registration. Only full-time University students, undergraduate or graduate, will be considered. An advisor or a department chair will be contacted to verify the student status. If your Paper qualifies as a student Paper please check the box below.

Student Paper (optional):


IMPORTANT! Submission of Paper implies the authors' willingness to register for the conference and present the paper(s). An accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only if the final version is accompanied by the registration form(s) and fee(s) for at least one of the authors (only full member or non-member fees will be allowed for this purpose) and is presented during the conference-- no exceptions! Please kindly note that only accepted papers presented at the conference will be uploaded in the IEEE Xplore.

Each full registration covers a maximum of two papers. Each paper requires one full registration (even if all authors of the paper are students, i.e., a student registration does not cover any papers). Presentation of more than two papers will incur a charge of $300 USD per paper.

The IEEE policy is that papers submitted to an IEEE conference must be original work and cannot be submitted to multiple venues. If, in the judgement of the Technical Chair, two papers submitted to different venues are deemed to be significantly the same, the General Chair, on a recommendation from the Technical Chair, is authorized to reject the paper without review.

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