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Conference Registration

IEEE members receive preferred registration rates. To become an IEEE member, simply join at Current IEEE membership is required to receive the member registration rates. If you are a student, please fax a copy of your current student ID or a letter from your supervisor or administrator indicating that you are a current student to David Fogel, General Chairman, IEEE SSCI 2007, +1-858-455-1560. On your fax, please include the registration # that will appear when you complete this registration process to help us find your records.

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Please remember that IEEE Computational Intelligence Society policy mandates that each accepted paper must have an associated registrant who will come to the meeting and present the paper. No-shows are unacceptable. If a paper is authored by a student and a non-student, then a full registration (early or late) must be applied. Only papers written entirely by students can be accounted for with a student registration, which requires faxing the paperwork indicated in the previous paragraph. For the 2007 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, a single author's registration may count for more than one paper, subject to the above regulations.

The registration is not considered final until the payment is received. Student status will have to be verified by advisor or another school official.

All conference registrations include entrance to all sessions, the CD-ROM proceedings of all events, coffee breaks, and the reception.

If no registration has been received and correctly processed to cover the paper publication, the conference organizers will contact the authors before the paper is removed from the proceedings.


To register for only a single day of the conference (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) please choose a date below.
NOTE: One-day registration fee is not applicable to authors/presenters.

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Registration fees:
  By January 31, 2007 After January 31, 2007
Registration for an IEEE member    525.00 USD      650.00 USD  
Registration for a non-member    625.00 USD      795.00 USD  
Registration for a student    250.00 USD      395.00 USD  
Registration for one day    275.00 USD      275.00 USD  


Tutorial Registration

As a registered participant at IEEE SSCI 2007 you can attend any tutorial sessions you like for free. There will be 35 tutorials on Sunday, April 1, 2007. To help us place tutorials in rooms that will accommodate the demand, please let us know the tutorials you will likely attend:

Select AvailabilityTutorialPresenterTitle
Sunday, April 1, 8:00AM-10:00AM
Available T1 Ken Stanley Practical Issues in Evolving Neural Network Controllers for Video Game Agents
Available T2 Kim-Hui Yap Computational Intelligence in Media Indexing and Retrieval
Available T3 Warren Powell Approximate Dynamic Programming for High-Dimensional Problems
Available T4 Mark Bedau The Evolution of Complexity
Available T5 Yoichi Motomura and Yoshifumi Nishida Computational Intelligence in Everyday Life -- Probabilistic Human Modeling and Behavior Sensing
Available T6 Nik Kasabov Evolving Intelligent Systems: The Knowledge Engineering Approach
Available T7 Yaochu Jin Multi-objective Machine Learning
Available T8 Mark Boddy Beyond the Job-Shop: Scheduling in the Real World
Sunday, April 1, 10:15AM-12:15PM
Available T9 Bruno Bouzy Old-fashioned Computer Go vs. Monte-Carlo Go
Available T10 Dan Ashlock The Definition and Creation of Evolved Art
Available T11 George Lendaris Basics of Dual Heuristic Programming type Adaptive Critics/Approximate Dynamic Programming and Application Issues
Available T12 Jagath Rajapaske Signal and Motif Detection in Genomic Sequences
Available T13 Jim Keller Soft Computing for Sensor and Algorithm Fusion
Available T14 Andrzej Cichocki and Rafal Zdunek Blind Signal Separation and Blind Information/Features Extraction
Available T15 Carlos Coello Coello Metaheuristics for Multiobjective Optimization
Available T16 Russ Eberhart and James Kennedy Introduction to Particle Swarm Optimization
Available T17 Dipankar Dasgupta Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security
Sunday, April 1, 1:00PM-3:00PM
Available T18 Ian Parmee People-centred Intelligent Systems: The Role of Games in Potential Cross-disciplinary Knowledge & Technology Exchange
Available T19 Ling Guan Self-Organizing Trees for Pattern Clustering and Recognition
Available T20 Hamid Berenji Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning
Available T21 Pierre Baldi Introduction to Chemoinformatics
Available T22 Jong-Hwan Kim Evolving an Artificial Creature in a Ubiquitous Robot World
Available T23 Bernhard Pfahringer Weka: a tool for exploratory data mining
Available T24 Matthias Ehrgott Mathematical Programming Techniques for Multiobjective Optimization
Available T25 P.N. Suganthan Recent Advances in Particle Swarm Optimization
Available T26 Bob Reynolds Cultural Algorithms: Harnessing the Power of Social Intelligence (Part I)
Sunday, April 1, 3:15PM-5:15PM
Available T27 Sevan Ficici Playing Well with People: Computational Modeling of Human Social Utility in Games
Available T28 Vincenzo Piuri and Fabio Scotti Computational Intelligence for Biometrics in Security Applications
Available T29 John Gallagher Principles of Evolvable and Adaptive Hardware
Available T30 Clare Bates Congdon and Dan Ashlock Bioinformatics Basics with Applications for Computational Intelligence
Available T31 G.K. Venayagamoorthy Advanced Computational Intelligence for Identification, Control, and Optimization
Available T32 Chris Ding Spectral Clustering and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Available T33 John Josephson Interactive Visualization in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
Available T34 Martin Middendorf Ant Colony Optimization
Available T35 Bob Reynolds Cultural Algorithms: Harnessing the Power of Social Intelligence (Part II)


Additional Items

Please provide the symposia acronyms and numbers of papers that you want to pay for in this registration, separated by commas, for example 'ADPRL 1, CISDA 33'. Please be sure to type in the correct numbers since papers for which the registration fees have not been paid will not be included in the proceedings.

Paper number(s):


If you have exceeded the page limit on an accepted paper, there is an additional 100 USD charge/page over the limit. The various meetings within the 2007 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence have different maximum page limits. Please double check with your meetings details if you have any concerns about paper length limitations. If you have any overlength page charges please indicate the total number of extra pages for all your papers.

Number of additional pages:


Your registration allows you to receive the CD proceedings for all events. The CDs come both individually for each meeting, as well as a single CD that covers all meetings. You can opt to receive all 13 CDs (12 CDs that correspond to the individual meetings plus the additional CD that contains everything), or just the 1 CD that contains all papers. (If you don't want to carry 13 CDs, please opt for the single CD that has all the papers.)

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All registrants receive a ticket to the conference banquet. Additional tickets may be purchased for 65.00 USD each.

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If you would like to request a vegetarian meal for the conference banquet please check the following box:

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If you need an invitation letter to apply for a visa, please contact David Fogel at promptly and provide the title of your accepted paper, your name, affiliation, and address, and the meeting in which your paper was accepted.